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DU Signal Problem – How to Solve it Effectively

Du provides its mobile services to around 22% of the population in the UAE. It offers 2G, 3G, and 4G signals to its subscribers. But, despite so rapid growth of subscribers du is not able to ramp up its infrastructure to handle the booming traffic on its network. That causes the du signal problem for many subscribers in many places.

Du customers resonate with this very well. They face the du signal problem more often than they expect. Now you must be wondering how can you solve this du signal problem. Isn’t that? Well, we will be discussing all the reasons that cause the du signal problem and how to solve it forever.

Why is there a Problem with du Signal?

Let’s first see the reasons that cause the du signal problem.

Over Burdened Signal Tower

The number of mobile phone users is increasing every day but the infrastructure to support those users is not expanding in that ratio. Hence, when too many users try to connect to one or a few signal towers and get congested that causes the signal reception problem for the users.

Broken or Defective Cell Phone

Mobile phones have an internal antenna that receives signals. If that antenna is broken which is very much possible if your phone drops by accident may cause problems in receiving signals.

Outdated Software on Your Phone

Your phone has software in the background that runs the hardware. If the software of your phone is not been updated for a long time it may cause problems in signal reception.

Construction Material

This is the most common cause that gives you problems in mobile signal reception. Mostly when you are inside a building you face the signal reception problem. Here the construction material used in the building is the culprit to blame on. Thick brick walls, metal sheets, glass, insulation, etc., can obstruct the signals to pass through. So, when you are inside the building where these obstructions are affecting your signals you may find it difficult to get a strong enough signal to make and receive your mobile phone calls.

Distance from the Cellular Tower

Cellular signals are radio signals that travel up to a specific distance. These radio signals are stronger near the cell signal tower and get weaker as far as they travel. So, if you are too far from the range of the cellular tower you may get weaker reception or no reception at all being out of the range of the cellular tower.

Other Obstructions

Mountains, trees, sand dunes, deep valleys, lying between you and the cellular signal tower may also obstruct and weaken the signals.

Wrong Phone Settings

Sometimes it is the wrong phone’s settings that cause the problem in signal reception. For instance, if your phone is set to receive only 4G signals and you are in a zone where 4G signal is not available you may find it difficult to receive the signal your phone is set to receive. In that case, you should check your phone’s settings.

What is the Solution for du Signal Problem?

Now we understand the reasons what cause the du signal problem. Going further we will discuss the most effective solutions to solve the du signal problem.

Check Your Phone for any Damages

The modern phones have thousands of delicate components that may get damaged when it drops accidentally or because of water and moisture also it may get damaged. If you are facing signal reception issues and others around are not then you should get your phone checked and repaired. Or consider buying a new phone so that you get a proper signal.

Open Windows

When you are inside a building and having a problem connecting to the network or your signal is very weak open the windows. Opening windows will let the signals enter the building properly. Or try to move closer to the window to get better signal reception.

Go in Open Area

If you are unable to get signal reception while inside the building even after opening the windows they try to go into an open area. Going into an open area and a little above the ground may help you get better reception to make your calls.

Get Closer to the Cellular Tower

If you are too far from the cellular signal tower you may get poor reception. But, if you try to move closer to the tower you may get better reception as the signal strength is better closer to the cellular tower than it is too far from it.

Check Your Phone’s Settings

As we discussed earlier that if your phone’s settings are wrong you may have a problem getting reception. Check your phone’s settings and change it to automatic so that your phone keeps changing its functions itself to keep you connected to the available network.

Buy a Mobile Signal Booster

This one is the ultimate solution. If you have done everything else and haven’t seen any improvement in signal reception then you should try this one. You should buy yourself a mobile signal booster. A Mobile signal booster is a small electronic device that works on the same frequency as your network provider and helps enhance the signal strength. With a mobile signal booster, you can rest assured that you will always have the strongest signal available.


You can’t do much about changing the situation of the signal that your cellular provider offers. But, you can certainly get yourself a super strong signal with the help of a du mobile signal booster. You can choose from the range of du mobile signal boosters on our store according to your need.

Do not be resilient with your poor signal problem, get and up, and fix it now. Enjoy your mobile communication like never before.