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With a mobile signal booster, there are some additional accessories you should consider buying. These accessories surely boost the power of your signal booster to serve you better. For instance, if you don’t want to pass the cable from the external antenna by drilling into your wall then you should buy a window jumper that can bring the same power of signal inside the building right from the window without any loss and drilling.

Similarly, if your area has terribly poor signal strength you should buy a Yaggi Antenna that is capable of catching up even the poor signal and sending it to the amplifier for boosting to full strength.

If you want to cover more than one room in your building for boosting signals into you should consider buying Omni Antenna.

To add up more than one antenna you need to choose from the splitter. With help of a splitter, you can add up to four internal antennas into your building.

Again if you want you can add more cable than the default five-meter cables provided with the boosters. The LMR cables are available in 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 meters length. So, don’t leave any corner of our property from having a strong mobile signal strength.

The installation of the signal boosters is really simple and you can do that in less than 20 minutes yourself. Everything you need to install the booster or accessories comes packed into the box. All you need to do is open the box and set it up. Once done you are ready to enjoy the best quality signal on your property.

10dB Coupler

د.إ 205

15dB Coupler

د.إ 250

2 Way Splitter

د.إ 175

3 Way Splitter

د.إ 225

4 Way Splitter

د.إ 275

5dB Coupler

د.إ 160

LMR 400 Cable Length

د.إ 175

Omni Antenna

د.إ 275

Power Surge Protector

د.إ 275

Window Jumper

د.إ 300

Yaggi Antenna

د.إ 300