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How to Improve Your Mobile Signal Reception

With the increasing number of cell phones and the growing population in the cities or even in the rural areas having a proper mobile signal reception is a problem we all face from time to time. But, we wonder if there is a way to improve the signal reception. Obviously, expecting miracles to happen is not worth it.

It is not new that mobile users complain about mobile signal reception problems. People complain about calls drops before and during calls. Mobile users not being able to hear the other person, and undelivered emails and SMS are all counted in the problems that occurred by the mobile reception issues.

These, however, are just some of the problems where people face challenges in audio and text signals. But, mobile users also complain about the bad mobile internet connection. Users are not able to connect to mobile internet or it is terribly slow while loading web pages and causes the apps to not work properly.

The root of the problem of mobile phone reception is the increasing number of mobile users and the increasing load on the current infrastructure of mobile networks that they can handle. It is obvious that mobile network providers are not able to increase and improve their infrastructure as fast as the number of users is increasing and putting up additional load on the infrastructure.

Well, this is a problem but there are ways that can help improve your mobile phone reception. Let’s see what those ways are that can help improve your mobile signal reception.

Consider using Wi-Fi Calling

Internet service providers offer this option. With Wi-Fi calling your calls are routed through the Wi-Fi connection instead of the mobile network. Similarly, when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi you can receive your calls through the same route. Though, your call charges remain the same as you pay when you make your calls over the mobile network.

You would have to pay additionally for using the Wi-Fi calling option. Wi-Fi Calling feature is provided by the internet service providers on a private network. A private network has fewer people; hence, the bandwidth remains steady throughout. With the right security measures, it is safer to use for calling. It is far better, faster, and safer than public networks.

Check Your Mobile Device

Technology is evolving every day and so are mobile devices. Sometimes the problem of mobile signal reception is because of your devices. Broken devices, our outdated software installed on your phone may cause problems with signal reception.

Every smartphone whether it’s an android system or an iOS system has software in the back that keeps the device operating. If the software is outdated and you have not updated the software for a long time it may cause problems with signal reception.

Also check your phone for any kind of damages like dropping, water seepage, or excessive heating, etc. It can also create problems in mobile signal reception. In this case either get your phone repaired or buy a new one.

Turn Off Applications You Don’t Need

Every application installed on your phone keeps doing some activities in the background that keeps hogging your phone’s battery and mobile internet bandwidth. It’s a good idea to turn them off when you are not using them. It will save you both battery and bandwidth.

Also, it may help you get better signal reception that can be used for the apps you are using at the moment. Also, turn off Bluetooth, hotspot, and location sharing applications to use your mobile internet bandwidth better.

Try Changing Your Phone Settings

Every type of signal is not available in every area so that may also cause the problem in signal reception. For example, if your phone is set to receive only 4G signals and you are in an area where 4G signal is not available then you may face problems with signal reception.

In such case either you’re your phone settings for automatically switching back to 3G settings or do it manually. Doing this will make your phone again get the signal reception.

Consider Physical Obstruction of Mobile Signal Reception

Sometimes the problem in signal reception is because of the obstruction between the cellular tower and the device. Many signals work best when the device is in a direct line of sight of a cell tower. Objects such as buildings, mountains, trees, and so on make it harder for signals to pass through.

If you are unable to get a signal, consider moving to a top floor, higher ground, or outside where there is little to no obstruction.

The materials like thick bricks, metal sheets, glass, etc., can obstruct signals reaching inside the building. Opening windows in such a building may improve the mobile signal reception.

Change Cellular Service Providers

Every cellular service provider doesn’t have a strong signal in every area. For instance, Etisalat may have a good and strong signal in Urban areas but may lack in rural areas. Similarly, other providers may have the same issues. Also, some cellular providers have more infrastructure to cater to the increased traffic compared to others.

If you are facing signal reception try changing your cellular service provider. Choose one that has better coverage by looking through their coverage maps. Talk to neighbors to determine which provider has better signal coverage in that area. After finding which one is better you can switch your mobile carrier.

Buy A Mobile Signal Booster

The final, cost-effective, durable and most reliable solution is to use a mobile signal booster. A Mobile signal booster is a device that helps increase the strength of the existing mobile signal and gives your complete 5 bar signal strength to use.

Mobile Signal Boosters work on the same frequency that your cellular provider uses to provide you their cellular services. So, they can be a reliable solution for improving your mobile signal reception.

You can check out our website for the best mobile signal boosters and get on you need. If you have any questions you can get in touch with our customer service team for any type of help.

Enjoy your mobile communication.