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Etisalat Signal Problem – How to Solve it Forever

Millions of people use Etisalat mobile connection for daily and business uses. It is one of the most popular cellular service providers in the UAE. But, the irony is that every customer using Etisalat is not happy with their services. Etisalat signal problem is not new and users always struggle with the Etisalat Signal Problem. But, here we are going to discuss a few very effective ways to solve the Etisalat Signal Problem forever.

Why Etisalat Signal Problem Occurs?

There are many factors that cause the Etisalat Signal Problem. Let’s see what they are:

Distance from the Signal Tower

Every mobile signal tower has a limited capacity to broadcast its signals. It can cover only a limited area. Signals are stronger near the mast and it becomes weaker as far as it goes from the tower. So, user those who live or work far from the signal tower may face Etisalat Signal Problem.

Excessive Number of Users

Every mobile signal tower is equipped to handle a limited number of users. If there are more users trying to connect to that tower it may clog the signals. It is another problem that causes the Etisalat Signal Problem.

Construction Material in the Building

The construction material like iron sheets, aluminum sheets, thick concrete walls, thick window glasses, etc., used in the building can obstruct the mobile signal to reach inside the building or weaken the strength of it.

HighRise Building and Trees

If there are high-rise buildings, tall trees, and foliage in between your mobile device and the cellular signal tower it may obstruct the signals to reach your phone.

Broken or Outdated Device

If your mobile phone is broken chances are your phone’s internal antenna that receives the signal is also broken and that may cause problems with receiving signals. Similarly, if your device is too old probably it may not support the updated frequency bands from your cellular service provider.

Outdated Software

Mobile manufacturers always keep updating the software installed on the phone to patch all the issues in the software. So, if your phone’s software is not updated for a long time it may cause issues with receiving signals.

Electronic Gadgets, Machinery, and Appliances

Some electronic gadgets that use radio frequencies like WiFi devices, Radio, Microwave, Machinery, etc., can also cause problems with the signals.

Nonavailability of Signal

Cellular providers don’t provide every signal type in every area, so that may also cause issues with signal reception. For instance, if your device is set to receive 4G signals and your cellular provider doesn’t provide 4G services in that area your phone won’t be able to connect to the 4G. In that case, you should switch back to 3G or 2G so that you can access mobile internet.

Solutions for Etisalat Signal Problem

Below are some solutions you can try to solve your Etisalat Signal Problem.

Open Windows

If you find it difficult to receive a signal inside the building try opening the windows that might let the strong mobile signal enter inside the building.

Move Close to Window or in an Open Space

If you are unable to receive enough signal strength to communicate then try moving closer to the window or go outside in an open space where you can get signal enough to make and receive your calls.

Repair or Upgrade Your Device

If your device is old or broken then either get it repaired or buy a new device to receive proper signals for you.

Update Your Phone’s Software

If you haven’t updated your phone’s software for a long time then consider upgrading it to the latest version. It might help you solve your Etisalat signal problem.

Buy an Etisalat Mobile Signal Booster

If any of the other methods don’t work for you then consider buying an Etisalat Mobile Signal Booster. It will help you eliminate all your Etisalat Signal Problem instantly. The best part is that it is the most cost-effective and permanent solution.


Having a problem and struggling with is not a good way to live your life. The best way is to try to solve that problem. Similarly, if you have Etisalat Signal Problem you can buy yourself an Etisalat Mobile Signal Booster. It will solve the problem instantly. It is a permanent solution to your problem. Enjoy your mobile communication don’t struggle with it.